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The following information, generated on December 2, 2020 at 7:15:35 PM, represents the property information recorded in the City of Hamilton tax database as of the previous business day.  At any time there may be transactions and/or adjustments against the account that have not yet been processed.   This information is meant to help with Statement of Adjustments and for information purposes only.   It does not replace the need for a Tax Certificate issued by the City where legal transactions are involved.

Property Address 100  -  MAIN ST E  122
Roll Number 02014501000
Ward Number 2
Note: To be in compliance with posting third party information on our web site, we have had to remove all legal description information from our site.

Current Year Assessment
Year   Class   Description   Assessment     
2020    CT    Commercial Taxable    1,853,900   
2020    DT    Office Taxable    2,614,100   
2020    E    Exempt    522,600   
2020    MT    MR     22,571,165   
2020    MT    MR     874,235   
2020 Total Assessment   28,436,000  
    Tax Levy History **
    Year Amount
    2020 775,271.81
    2019 765,652.57
    2018 753,781.44

2020 Tax Breakdown - Final *
Tax Type Amount
Municipal Levy   695,613.95  
Education Levy   79,657.86  
Final Total Taxes   $775,271.81    
    2020 Tax Instalments *
    Due Date Amount  
    February 28, 2020   191,413.00    
    April 30, 2020   191,413.23    
    June 30, 2020   196,223.00    
    September 30, 2020   196,222.58    
    Total   $775,271.81    

** If no tax levy history is shown, then amount was $0.

* If the amounts for the Tax Instalments have a description containing "supplementary" the total may reflect taxes for   previous years. Please contact 905 546-CITY for further details.